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Cisco Certified Network Professional - Enterprise CORE

Course Description:

The ENCOR - Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies v1.0 course gives you the knowledge and skills needed to configure, troubleshoot, and manage enterprise wired and wireless networks. You’ll also learn to implement security principles within an enterprise network and how to overlay network design by using solutions such as SD-Access and SD-WAN.


This course will help you:

  • Configure, troubleshoot, and manage enterprise wired and wireless networks
  • Implement security principles within an enterprise network
  • Prepare you prepare to take the 350-401 Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR) exam



  • CCNP Enterprise
  • CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure LAB Prerequisite
  • CCIE Enterprise Wireless LAB Prerequisite


Prerequisite Knowledge:

Knowledge and skills you should have before attending this course:

  • Implementation of Enterprise LAN networks
  • Basic understanding of Enterprise routing and wireless connectivity
  • Basic understanding of Python scripting


Who Should Attend:

  • Engineers preparing for the CCNP Enterprise (350-401) exam
  • Engineers preparing to Qualify for the CCIE Enterprise LAB
  • Mid-level network engineers
  • Network administrators
  • Network support technicians
  • Engineers that are involved in the installation, operation, and verification of Cisco networks.


CCIE LAB Prerequisite: Passing the (350-401) exam will qualify to take the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure LAB and the CCIE Enterprise Wireless LAB


Course Duration: 5 days.  Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.


Course Delivery Method:

5 Day, Monday - Friday

This boot camp is approximately 60% lecture and 40% hands-on labs.  The instructor uses a combination of “Chalk talk” and “one on one mentoring”, the instructor will NOT always use an overhead projector.  We believe in traditional method of teaching where the subjects were taught and NOT lectured.  The classroom material and hardware are based on current Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Core Technologies curriculum.


CCNP Enterprise CORE Course Outline


  • Explain the different design principles used in an enterprise network
  • Analyze design principles of a WLAN deployment
  • Differentiate between on-premises and cloud infrastructure deployments
  • Explain the working principles of the Cisco SD-WAN solution
  • Explain the working principles of the Cisco SD-Access solution
  • Describe concepts of wired and wireless QoS
  • Differentiate hardware and software switching mechanisms



  • Describe device virtualization technologies
  • Configure and verify data path virtualization technologies
  • Describe network virtualization concepts



  • Layer 2 Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Layer 3 Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Wireless Enterprise Infrastructure
  • IP Services


Network Assurance

  • Diagnose using tools such as debugs, conditional debugs, trace route, ping, SNMP, and syslog
  • Configure and verify device monitoring using syslog for remote logging
  • Configure and verify NetFlow and Flexible NetFlow
  • Configure and verify SPAN/RSPAN/ERSPAN
  • Configure and verify IPSLA
  • Cisco DNA Center workflows to apply network configuration, monitoring, and management
  • Configure and verify NETCONF and RESTCONF



  • Configure and verify device access control
  • Configure and verify infrastructure security features
  • Describe REST API security
  • Configure and verify wireless security features
  • Describe the components of network security design



  • Interpret basic Python components and scripts
  • Construct valid JSON encoded file
  • Describe the high-level principles and benefits of a data modeling language, such as YANG
  • Describe APIs for Cisco DNA Center and vManage
  • Interpret REST API response codes and results in payload using Cisco DNA Center and RESTCONF
  • Construct EEM applet to automate configuration, troubleshooting, or data collection
  • Compare agent vs. agentless orchestration tools, such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and SaltStack

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